Greetings of success and good health!  We have started a trend in helping our Nurses find opportunities when we pioneered the 1st PHILIPPINE NURSING OPPORTUNITIES CONFERENCE & EXPO 2007.

To continue the movement to guide our Nurses through their Nursing Career we wish to once again invite you to take part at the 11th PHILIPPINE NURSING OPPORTUNITIES CONFERENCE & EXPO 2021.   

Worldwide, the demand for Filipino Nurses continue.  The combined high level of training, professionalism and the nurturing and caring kind of nursing care has been the key to the continuing and increasing demand for Filipino Nurses worldwide.  The event is for Nurses, by Nurses and what it takes to succeed in the grueling and fulfilling world of Nursing.  Specializations, examinations, international and local, as well as possible opportunities local and overseas will be tackled during the event.

Think of the number of people, just within your reach.  Our event have made a big difference to our EXHIBITORS in terms of reaching to the thousands of our participants.  May we therefore invite you to be an EXHIBITOR / SPONSOR / ADVERTISER / ALL.   Please do not hesitate to call us for any questions.  Thank you and more power!

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@2020 Philippine Nursing Opportunities Conference and Expo (PNOCE) by Emergence Events